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Youth Ambassadors 2017

Front: FABSA 2017 Youth Ambassadors Meg Blackburn & Poppy Kentish

Back: Jesse Rasmussen, Madeleine Eastoe, Shelley Moore & Aidan Munn

Masterclasses 2017, held 9th April, was a great success with the event growing year on year. This year we were excited to welcome Madeleine Eastoe, Jesse Rasmussen, Shelley Moore, Aidan Munn, Cheryl Bradley, Jacqui Stratton-Smith and Stacy Pastro to teach our 2017 FABSA Masterclass, where all Senior Masterclass participants were eligible to be selected as our FABSA Youth Ambassadors for 2017.

This year we are proud to announce Meg Blackburn and Poppy Kentish as our 2017 FABSA Youth Ambassadors. Being a FABSA Youth Ambasssador is a wonderful role for aspiring young dancers, providing many opportunities from engaging with The Australian Ballet, public performance, hosting events, public speaking, mentoring and more. The talent on the day, across all levels was enormous and really showcased to these teachers the enthusiasm and love, which you all share for dance.

Again, thankyou to all participants, we hope to see you at 2018 Masterclasses which will be held on Sunday 8 April. Bookings at


MEG BLACKBURN, Terry Simpson Studios

POPPY KENTISH, Soul Dance Studios

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