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'The Sleeping Beauty', Opening Night

After a seemingly interminable wait, David McAllister's highly anticipated remastering of 'The Sleeping Beauty'' opened at the Festival Centre on Friday night. The sublime Robyn Hendricks (who could forget her dancing the Spartacus adagio last year) made her debut as Aurora, and accompanied by sparkling fairies, incredible sets & costumes, a soaring Ty King-Wall as the Prince and the consummate Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, a thoroughly magical night ensued.

His Excellency and Mrs Lan Le, FABSA committee members, our Youth Ambassador Charly Hopkins, Australian Ballet members and special guests were joined by many of the dancers at the after party to celebrate a sumptuous and accomplished performance of a ballet classic.

Vanessa Glennon & Elaine Linke,

Courtesy Desk

Steven Heathcote,

Robyn Hendricks &

Lorraine Irving

Chris Henderson, Areti Boyaci, Charly Hopkins, Lorraine Irving, Alison Kidd, Edward Stratton-Smith & Werner Neumann

Dianna Perry, Mrs Lan Le & Chris Henderson

Diana Perry, Mrs Lan Le & Chris Henderson

Brett Chynoweth & Elaine Linke

Elaine Linke, Chris Henderson, Robyn Hendricks, Lorraine Irving, Ty King-Wall,

Charly Hopkins, Paula Turbill & Tristan Message

Areti Boyaci,

Brett Chynoweth &

Elaine Linke

Vince & Sandra Ciccarello

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